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Some popular hairstyle for boys

spike-cuAll kind of hairstyle will not suits for everyone. Let’s know about some popular hairstyle and which one suits for you.

Spike Cut:

Spike cut hairstyle is most popular  for teenagers and young people.One can do the style with hair gel.

The Fed cut:

We can say that there are no hair or few hair on the back of head and ear.This style need to cutting one inch from the ear to the back and half inch up to ear.

Classic Cut:

It is old style hair cut.This is the best cut for formal dress of job persons.This style will bring good look of middle age boys.

Crew Cut:

Now this style is very popular in summer for several years.

Lightning cuts:

Those who love sports very much they are familiar with this style.This style is more popular among the players and soldiers.

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