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3 super thing of Bangladesh capital Dhaka to visit

dhakaDhaka is Bangladesh capital. It is noisy and active city. Everyone is busy there. But you can learn many thing by visiting Dhaka. Here’s 3 special thing about Dhaka which will inspire you.

1. Women power: If you want to see power of women then you can visit Dhaka. They lead business, earn money, and also taking part to take our country forward. Some of them are taking high education to do something for their family and country.

2. Night is day and day is night: People of Dhaka really work hard. They work day to night. Night of Dhaka is not as normal night. Here you can have food all time around. It is not look dark at all, it’s seen lighting. You must visit Dhaka to see it.

3. Young generation: The spirit of young people of Dhaka is great. They are our future. They working hard to take our country in higher position. To take inspiration You should visit Dhaka at-least one time.

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