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Some simple ways to prevent teeth decay.

teethTooth decay is a result of bacterial infection.Frequently eating snacks and drinks,food pester in a long time between the teeth,deficit of fluoride, mouth remain dry for long time,don’t follow  mouth hygiene roles,nutrient deficit and remain problem of appetite, etc.

Lets know how to prevent tooth decay.

Turmeric powder is very beneficial.Turmeric contain bacteria destroying elements that destroy infection of tooth and it has inflammation resistant elements that can relieve tooth pain. Make a paste with  turmeric powder and water and slowly apply to the pain teeth, pain can be reduced.

Put a slice of onion on affected teeth and pressing it can be reduced teeth pain.Eat regular onion it will be reduces the problem of tooth decay.Eat onion contain food it reduce tooth decay.

Salt has anti-septic and anti-bacterial elements,it  hamper the growth of bacteria and reduce inflammation and make pain moderate.Make a mix with 1 glass of water and one tablespoon salt and keep on mouth for one minute.

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