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Benefits of depression.

stressThere are some benefits of depression.Which may help us to go ahead in our life .Let’s know about depression benefits.

Take depression  easily:

When you think depression  as bad or terrible it will make you problem bigger. Think simply,If you waste your time to thinking about it , it will reduce your working ability slowly.Take stress as a partner of your life war.Imagine you can do any think if there come any adversities.Ignore the psychological pressure and keep eye on your work .

Watch the people around:

Who is your true friend you can know at this point.Which friend give you company when your mental condition is bad ,you understand that is your real true friend.Depression will help you to find out true friend.

Give vacation yourself:

When you cant breathe under the pressure of stress ,you can arrange a vacation for yourself.It  help you to refresh yourself.

Remain silent:

When lots of stress, pressure on head man lose the ability to think. Everything was dark before his eyes. At that moment if you think about it,it as much as increase your problems. So keep yourself cool  in the moment.Take breath slowly.Forget everything else.After some time your brain is giving you intelligence to solve your problems.

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